Introducing my 13th book -
and the first book I’ve written all by myself!
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Medical Marijuana changed my life.
In this book, you will learn how it may help you or your loved one. Every medical marijuana patient has their own unique health situation and, therefore, their own reasons for pursuing this medicinal herb. I’m not a medical professional; I AM a writer and researcher who is incredibly grateful that I finally decided to try medical marijuana, which I have found to be a more EFFECTIVE and much SAFER alternative to the prescription and over-the-counter drugs I took for years.

Over the years, I've coauthored 12 books with experts on holistic health, stress management, brain optimization, and other topics.  And now
I'm passionate about telling everyone about my experience with medical marijuana!  I wrote this book because I want other patients to understand the many complexities of this herb, including WHY scientists believe it works so well for so many.

When I first tried medical marijuana, I was desperate for something that would help ease the pain and discomfort of my physical symptoms and not be addictive like the prescription drugs I was taking.  Those drugs had ceased being effective – and I did not want to take stronger drugs, which came with an increasing number of scary potential side effects. I was immediately surprised at HOW effective medical marijuana was – and disappointed that I hadn’t tried it sooner. Medical marijuana quickly became my lifeline to greater well-being.

Now, after three years of research, I’m sharing my own personal story about the ways medical marijuana has helped me, as well as tons of information I’ve dug up.
My goal is to help others determine if medical marijuana might help with their own health struggles.
Medical marijuana became my saving grace – and it could be yours too!
When I entered the world of medical marijuana, I was desperate. Decades of challenging symptoms from the presumed diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy had beaten me down physically and mentally.

Here’s how I became a medical marijuana patient:
  1. Chronic pain and constant muscle spasms interfered with just about every aspect of my life.
  2. I believed in natural healing methods, including medicinal herbs, but often didn’t experience benefits from them that were noticeable.
  3. I held deep concerns about the numerous stories I had heard about patients becoming addicted to pharmaceutical painkillers – but, out of desperation, took large quantities of over-the-counter painkillers to sleep at night. Over time, they became less and less effective, and despite my concerns about addiction, I took more and more of them to get a modicum of relief.
  4. I finally agreed to take the prescription drugs that my doctor felt were needed to help relieve the pain enough so I could get some sleep at night. But after a year or so, I was dependent on these drugs and feeling worse than ever.
  5. Desperate to feel better, I finally mustered the gumption to try medical marijuana, overlooking the societal perceptions and legal craziness that continued to surround the herb.
  6. From the first night that I took it, medical marijuana became my saving grace, helping me sleep better than I had in years and years. I was then able to quickly and easily stop taking the pharmaceutical drugs.

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Here’s What leading Edge Medical Doctors
Say About Medical Cannabis


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Help for Patients in Navigating the Maze of Medical Marijuana
I wrote The Medical Marijuana Handbook:  A Patient's Guide to Holistic Healing with Cannabis to help patients navigate the often confusing maze that is the world of medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana is constantly in the news these days—and yet when I talk to friends and family, as well as doctors, I find that few understand what it really is, what it really does, and WHY it is so effective for so many.  Many questions arise when starting on this journey, including:
• “Why should I consider medical marijuana, and is it right for me?”
• “What health issues can be helped by it?”
• “What makes it such a potent healing herb?”
• “How and where do I legally get the marijuana?”
• “What strain, what form, what potency, and what dose is right for me?”
• “What do I tell the kids about taking something that they’ve been told is illegal and wrong?”
Unless we have a knowledgeable ally, most patients must answer these questions for ourselves—often, all on our own. In fact, in some jurisdictions, doctors aren’t allowed  to tell you anything about medical marijuana.